100PCS Baking Mold Paper

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Multi-packaging of the entire party - How many pieces of cake can you bake at once? With these oil-resistant baking cups, you can bake 100 cakes/muffins at once and then freeze them. Use this bulk muffin cup at home for party, dining or marathon baking sessions.

  No odor, no toxicity, no leaking dyes - These muffin paper materials are made from the finest and safest materials.

  Gorgeous Rainbow - Dress up the little cakes with a series of colorful cake linings. The paper tray is 3.2cm high, the bottom diameter is 5cm, the mouth

diameter is 6.8cm, and the grooved greaseproof paper has 10 colors. The

non-stick cupcake holder means no lubrication in advance.


Powerful plastic storage tube - Convenient plastic storage tube will ensure that your cake pan liner does not fly into your pantry or oven. Place the paper muffin mold neatly in the tube and use as needed.

Not just for cupcakes - these multi-purpose paper muffin cup wrappers can be used for loading different items. Try making your own peanut butter cups, serving delicious cake balls, nuts or candies, using them on popsicles to catch any drip or try muffin cup crafts.

Package Included:

100*Cake paper tray